Downtown Development Authority

Board Application Information

Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of DDA Board of Directors. Included in this packet are a description of the DDA mission and vision, expectations of board members, list of current board members, an application form, and a description of committees.

Mission and Vision:

The Downtown Development Authority is an active agent for promoting and enhancing Downtown Casper.

By 2017, the Casper DDA will be the foundation for economic development and social progress through collaborative public-private partnerships, progressive redevelopment, targeted business recruitment and retention, and effective promotional campaigns.

Current Board Members:

Brandon Daigle, Nicholas Grooms, Brettnee Tromble, Charlie Powell, Sona Rummel, Jennifer True, Critter Murray, Pete Fazio, Will Reese, Trudi McMurry Holthouse

Expectations of Board Members:

  1. Consistent attendance at regular monthly board meetings.
  2. Make a personal financial contribution towards DDA projects.
  3. Volunteer for two events annually
  4. Advance preparation for decision/policy-making at board meetings.
  5. Active participation on at least one committee
  6. Engagement in fundraising efforts for DDA projects including setting up at least 3 potential meetings.

Board Terms:

4 years with up to 8 consecutive years of service as a board member

Standing Committees:

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Marketing and Communications Committee

Public Infrastructure Committee

Governance Committee

David Street Station Committee


Please feel free to contact the Executive Director or any current DDA board member if you have any questions or would like more information. Together we can achieve great things!


Kevin Hawley, DDA Executive Director


Complete this form and attach your cover letter by DATE to apply for the open seat.