Casper Art Walk

The Casper Art Walk is a community celebration of the arts through Casper Wyoming’s Downtown Districts. Enjoy local arts & music, performances, food, drinks and more! Join us on the first Thursday of every month for Casper Art Walk, from May through December 2018.

Casper Art Walk Map

Click on any of the map pins below to learn more about the artists & businesses participating in the 2018 Casper Art Walk.

What is an art walk?

  • An Art Walk is an opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate and experience the hearts, minds, and souls of the people who make their community unique.

Why do we want an Art Walk?

  • Brings our community together
  • Builds relationships and collaboration
  • Showcases the talents and diversity of our community
  • Creates a unique culture
  • Fosters innovation in people and businesses
  • Creates foot traffic
  • Encourages economic opportunities for artists, galleries and small businesses
  • Provides free entertainment, experiences and education
  • Creates memories


  • The common thread is “Creating” (Creating art, film, photography, music, performance, food, furniture, crafts, poetry, comedy, etc)
  • It should feature ORIGINAL local, regional and international artists
  • Do creative projects – decorate your facade, create an installation, paint a temporary mural and have fun
  • Encourage the public to participate in “Creating”
  • Provide demonstrations
  • It’s up to everyone to invite their family, friends and neighbors

Casper Art Walk Locations

Art 321 Downtown Casper Wyoming
Art 321 | 321 W Midwest Ave | Facebook

The Nicolaysen Art Museum Downtown Casper Wyoming

The Nicolaysen Art Museum | 400 E Collins Dr | Facebook

1890 Inc. Downtown Casper Wyoming
1890 Inc. | 411 W Yellowstone Hwy | Facebook

Natrona County Library Downtown Casper Wyoming
Natrona County Library | 307 E 2nd St | Facebook

Atrium Plaza Downtown Casper Wyoming
The Table201 E 2nd St, Suite 25 | Facebook

Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana Downtown Casper Wyoming
Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana | 430 S Ash St | Facebook

Sierra West Downtown Casper Wyoming

Sierra West133 S Center St | Facebook

Frontier Brewing Company Downtown Casper Wyoming
Frontier Brewing Company | 117 E 2nd St | Facebook

Wyoming Camera Outfitters Downtown Casper Wyoming

Wyoming Camera Outfitters | 128 W 2nd St | Facebook

Atrium Plaza Downtown Casper Wyoming

Whitelace-n-Promises | 201 E 2nd St, Suite 10 | Facebook

The Yellowstone Garage Downtown Casper Wyoming
The Yellowstone Garage | 355 W Yellowstone Hwy | Facebook

Goedicke's Custom Framing & Art Supply Scarlow's Gallery Downtown Casper Wyoming
Goedicke’s & Scarlow’s Gallery | 120 W 2nd St | Facebook

Shawn Rivett Designs Downtown Casper Wyoming

Shawn Rivett Designs | 316 W Yellowstone Hwy | Facebook

Atrium Plaza Downtown Casper Wyoming
Donells Candies | 201 E 2nd St | Facebook

Science Zone Downtown Casper Wyoming
Science Zone | 111 W Midwest Ave | Facebook

Wyoming Plant Company Downtown Casper Wyoming
Wyoming Plant Company358 S Ash St | Facebook

Urban Bottle Wine & Spirits Downtown Casper Wyoming
Urban Bottle Wine & Spirits410 S Ash St | Facebook

Cactus Arts Downtown Casper Wyoming

Cactus Arts | 337 W Yellowstone Hwy | Facebook

The Lyric Downtown Casper Wyoming
The Lyric | 230 W Yellowstone Hwy | Facebook

Wind City Books Downtown Casper Wyoming

Wind City Books | 152 S Center St | Facebook

Cadillac Cowgirl Downtown Casper Wyoming

Cadillac Cowgirl | 147 S Center St | Facebook

Paisley Grace’s Attic Downtown Casper Wyoming
Paisley Grace’s Attic | 134 E Midwest Ave

Casper Art Walk Photo Gallery

For more information visit the official Casper Art Walk website.

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