The Old Yellowstone District has gone through several remodels and revamping over the past few years, and now there’s another addition to the business sector there.

News 13s Justin Roth took a look at what’s in store for the future.

The Old Yellowstone District remodel has been slowly moving along… With the new streets, walkways, lighting, and new businesses.

You may have noticed small changes to the Old Yellowstone District and the David Street Station lately

Kevin Hawley is the Executive Director of Downtown Development Authority he says, “Currently were in development of phase one construction were fortunately enough have an award to a local contractor in Casper’s buildings systems so there working on the western half of the full project which would include the band shell, lawn area, the promenade walkway, the poles and lightnings we’ll have all the infrastructure in place in store ready for the total eclipse next year.

The David Street Station is running on schedule, and new businesses are springing up

Lauren Griffith is Owner of Urban Bottle a new liquor store that opened their doors Monday she says, “We love the area were in and we already see other businesses popping up all over. We’ve got the David Street Station we’ve got the possibility of state building going in across the street from us, and then with the changing hands in some other buildings down here we just see nothing but good things coming our way.”

It’s changes to the Old Yellowstone District that make new businesses popping up everyday. Urban bottle just opened up Monday.

And Hawley says Urban Bottle isn’t the only one.

“Nows the time. Were seeing tremendous private sector investment in downtown and in the Old Yellowstone District it’s just a really exciting time with the public investment it has spurred significant investment in the private sector. So if you’ve ever thought about relocating your business downtown needed some office space or maybe you wanted to do some retail or commercial space we’ve got that too and we’d be excited to have you. There’s a ton of energy downtown right now and just a lot going on.”

Griffith says she can feel the excitement already.

“We feel like theres a lot of energy down here and a lot of potential for growth and we just love the atmosphere that the downtown provides.”

Its that energy and excitement coupled with new downtown projects that’s making downtown Casper a vibrant place.

Hawley says the new David Street Station will be done in time for Casper’s big event, the 2017 Great American Eclipse.